Demonstrator Projects

Demonstrator projects (greenspace and child care access)

ADR-UK has funded two demonstrator projects aimed at using the linked national Census, health, education and geospatial data available to demonstrate the early and real-world value of the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort. 

These demonstrator projects will also function as a template for further enrichment of the Cohort with small-area level data on other social and environmental exposures.

The aims of the two demonstrator projects are (respectively):

  1. Quantify the association between coverage and access to greenspaces near the home and school with children’s mental health outcomes.
  2. a) Establish the association between density, quality and proximity of OFSTED-registered childcare providers in the local area and early educational attainment, and b) determine the impact of the introduction of 30 hours’ ‘free’ childcare entitlement in 2017 on children’s early educational attainment.

Updates on these projects will be made available under ‘Publications and Documentation’