Outreach and Public Engagement

We are working with a range of partners and stakeholders to develop the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort, including academic researchers, government departments, and voluntary sector organisations. We want to understand the research needs of future users of the cohort.

If you are interested in using the cohort in the future for research into how local environments in and around homes and schools impact children’s health and education, please get in touch with us: kenvh-cohort@ucl.ac.uk 

We are speaking to children, young people, and parents to understand their views and research priorities. We are particularly keen to understand the research questions that are important to them, which researchers can conduct and explore in future using the cohort.

To date we have met with a number of groups of parents, children and young people to discuss our work. In particular, we work very closely with the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) and the GOSH Parents’ and Carers’ Advisory Group, who have been involved from the start with this project. The GOSH YPAG helped us choose a name and gave us ideas for our logo!

We have also visited schools to talk about how we use data to research the link between the environment and child health.

We have co-developed our public engagement strategy with YPAGs, charity organisations, and young people, and have incorporated their feedback when creating our communication materials. In the future we want to co-create research priorities with children, young people, and their carers.