What is the Kids' Environment and Health Cohort?

We are setting up a new data resource called the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort to allow researchers to study the link between children’s environments and their health and education.

Children are much more vulnerable to health-damaging features of their environment than adults. Many children in England also lack access to services and infrastructure where they live and go to school.      

Exposure to things such as outdoor air pollution, overcrowding, mould in the home, fast food advertising near schools, or lack of access to greenspace during childhood is associated with the development of long-term conditions such as asthma, poor mental health, and obesity, and worse educational attainment. We need better data to understand how these home and school environments influence the health and education of children.

The Government is introducing measures to improve environments and make housing safer. We also need data to help us understand whether these environmental policies are improving children’s wellbeing and school results. 

We will establish the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort, a national database containing data from schools, hospitals, and community pharmacies to create health and education histories for all children born in England from 2006 onwards, around 11 million children.      

Data for children will be linked to information about their mothers’ health during pregnancy, and to data on local environments in and around children’s homes and schools.        

Ultimately, research based on the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort data will inform government departments and local councils, as well as the public at large, about how well their housing, environmental and planning policies are working to improve children’s lives.

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All data will be kept on secure servers at the Office for National Statistics. The different datasets making up the cohort will be linked using methods that protect the identities of mothers and children by NHS England and the Office for National Statistics. No identifiable (names, addresses, school addresses) will be accessible to researchers. 

Researchers who want to access the data will need to undertake training in handling sensitive data.  

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