Our Team

Who is running this project?

The Kids’ Environment and Health project is being led by University College London in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, City University, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Brock University. We work closely with the Office of National Statistics, Department of Education, and NHS England. This project is funded by Administrative Data Research UK (ADR-UK).

Dr Pia Hardelid

Pia Hardelid


principal investigator

My research focuses on using routinely collected health data (including birth and death certificates, hospital admission records and general practice databases) for child health research. I have used these data to estimate the effectiveness of influenza vaccines, determine the role of chronic conditions in childhood mortality, and carry out international comparisons of childhood morbidity and mortality.

Professor Steven Cummins

Steven Cummins

London School of Hygiene and
Tropical Medicine


Research interests include the social and environmental determinants of population health and health inequalities; evaluation of complex population health interventions, complex systems thinking, use of natural experiments in evidence-based policy, and the research-policy interface. 

Emilie Courtin

London School of Economics and Political Science


My research combines social epidemiology and social policy to assess how non-medical policies influence health and disease. I use experimental and quasi-experimental methods to evaluate the long-term health effects of public policies shaping socioeconomic conditions.

Dr Vahé Nafilyan

Vahé Nafilyan

Office for National Statistics


Originally an economist, Vahé has interests in epidemiology and population health. He is currently interested in the social and environmental determinants of adult health and the evaluation of the health effects of social policies. He now works full time as Principal Statistician at ONS, where he leads the Health Modelling Hub, and conducts research projects aiming at helping the COVID-19 response. He completed a PhD in Economics at King’s College London.

Dr Samantha Hajna

Dr Samantha Hajna

Brock University


I am a Research Fellow working on the Air Pollution, housing and respiratory tract Infections in Children: NatIonal birth Cohort study (PICNIC Study) and on the Cohort for research in the Kids’ Environment and Health (KEHC) project. As part of the PICNIC Study, I am using linked administrative records to examine the associations between air pollution and bronchiolitis in children. As part of KEHC, I will be supporting research into the associations between greenspaces and mental health outcomes among adolescents.

Professor Alison Macfarlane

City University


Particular areas of interest are inequalities in health of parents and babies particularly in relation to social factors, migration and access to maternity care, multiple births and their implications, comparisons of birth in community and hospital settings, history of official statistics and maternity statistics in particular, including Florence Nightingale’s involvement with maternity statistics.

Matthew Lilliman



Matthew is the Data Resource Manager at the UCL GOS Institute of Health Informatics Child Health Informatic Group.  He is UCL’s Project Manager for the KEHC Programme.

Joana Pereira Da Cruz



I am a Research Fellow dedicated to shaping health agendas, with a primary research interest in uncovering the complex interplay between environmental determinants and health outcomes in children and young people. My expertise lies in the integration of health, demographic, socio-economic, and environmental data from varied sources, succinctly mapped to small administrative units. 

Selin Akaraci



Dr. Selin Akaraci is a research fellow at GOSH ICH, specialising in environmental epidemiology. Her research focuses on investigating the health impact of urban environments, with a particular emphasis on maternal and child health.

Amal Rammah



I am a senior researcher at the Institute of Child Health working on the Air Pollution, housing, and respiratory tract Infections in Children: NatIonal birth Cohort study (PICNIC Study) and the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort. My research has focused on characterising structural and individual determinants of health and health inequalities among vulnerable populations in the built, physical and social environments (including air pollution, temperature, greenness and psychosocial stress), particularly in the areas of maternal and child health. I am currently interested in investigating the relationship between air pollution, birth outcomes, and respiratory tract infections in children.

Faith Miller



I am a Research Assistant and PhD student. My research uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to study some of the health and social challenges faced during pregnancy and childhood in the UK and South Asia.